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Hey, there hair people! A couple weeks ago we talked about Hair Salon Services, but what if you want…

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Kids Haircuts: Tips and Tricks

One of the most common services requested of us is kids haircuts after all many of our clients are…

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Hair Salon Services

Welcome back to the Great Waves salon blog! If you are here, it is likely you are familiar with…

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Halloween hair accessories

Hair Accessories for Halloween!

The witching month is upon us! That’s right in a couple short weeks it will be Halloween and the…

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hair bun

Hair Bun Basics

Some hairstyles are the de facto way you wear your hair. Think a man’s high and tight, or ombre…

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grow hair

How to Grow Hair Fast and Healthy?

The eternal struggle. You want longer, luscious locks but your hair just does not want to grow! Well, despite…

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fall hair care products

The Hair Care Products for Fall

September is here which means Fall should be right around the corner. Should be. We’re hoping. As the seasons…

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how to shape perfect eyebrows

How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are often an insecurity for women, and we are constantly obsessed with trying to keep them groomed at…

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The Ultimate Beauty Hacks

You may or may not have already hopped on the coconut oil trend, the seemingly cure all for all…

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Tips for Avoiding Oily Hair

Oily hair is a very common struggle for a lot of us, and it can be an even bigger…

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