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We all dream of perfect hair. Some days, we may even come close to having it! Unfortunately, those days seem to be few and far between. Days like this seem to come whimsically, ephemerally, and rarely. As fantastic as they are, they also kind of taunt us a little bit don’t they? This is what your hair could be like, they remind us. Well, how about we force these days to come around a little more frequently by using these 5 essential hair care tips?

Diet: That is right, diet actually has a massive impact on the way your hair grows. A diet rich in silica, iron, and calcium will not only promote hair growth, it will also help with hair retention. It is also thought that fish oils and foods high in omega 3 fatty acids help with hair strength and shine.

Minimize Shampooing: How often you actually have to shampoo your hair will depend on your hair type. Coarse, dry hair should be shampooed less frequently than fine, oily hair. While shampooing does clean our hair, it also strips it of nutrients. Dry shampooing is always a great alternative.

Air Dry When Possible: Unless you are in a huge hurry, or you just need an extra boost for volume, you should air dry as often as possible. Heat damages your hair. Over exposure to straighteners or hair dryers could lead to permanent damage.

Nighttime Care: Take a few moments before you got to bed each night to take care of your hair. Brush it out gently. Putting your hair up when you go to bed is a great way to keep if from matted and knotted. Make this a routine, and you will be well on your way to great hair.

Regular Trimming: We recommend trims every few months. Not only will this completely eliminate split ends, it will give you a cleaner, better maintained look. Additionally, regular trimming is important if you are growing out layers or interested in restyling.

Written by rufinamo