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Welcome back to the Great Waves blog! And guess what *drumroll please*. . . we are going to talk about hair! Sorry if you were looking for a blog on great wave pools, but stick around anyway because today we are covering some of the most iconic men’s haircuts. We talked about the latest trends of 2017 a while back, but today we are focusing in on some of the best looks of all-time. If you’re a man looking to spruce up the old hairdo, this is essential reading. Winston Churchill once said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, if that’s true, prepare to be doomed.

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Will Smith in Fresh Prince

When kids started making trouble in his neighborhood, they better not have touched Smith’s hair. Curly, clean, and 90’s hip-hop cool, the prince of Bel Air was crowned with the ultimate high-top fade. Unfortunately, Will Smith left his Fresh Prince haircut in the 20th century and swapped it for a conservative short fade, but his high-top is why we coronated his hairstyle on this iconic list.

Elvis Presley

The slicked back pompadour, the swinging hips, the sultry voice, Elvis was . . . is it hot in here? In short, Elvis had it going on. Pompadours are making a resurgence, but no one can rock it like Presley. Part of it was the pitch-black slicked backed shine. Part of it was the volume. But more than anything, it was because he was Elvis Presley. He was bigger than life, and so was his hair. Does anything more need to be said?

David Beckham

Beckham has probably sported more hairstyles than he’s sported sports. The other stars on this list are known for one look, but the former soccer star is not so easily categorized. In the world of men’s hairstyling he’s like a newborn baby—no matter what he’s wearing, people are going to say he looks cute. We can’t cover each look, some suave and longer and others short and clean, but every man can learn from his most iconic hairstyles. Taking inspiration from Elvis and James Dean, Beckham rocked a short pompadour that was close cut on the side, making the look both contemporary and classic. For the man who wants a safer cut but still wants to impress, look to Beckham’s tapered cut. It’s shorter on the sides and slicked backed and longer on the top. Beck also isn’t afraid to shed the long locks for a clean crew cut. It’s easy, low-maintenance, and looks great with facial hair of matching length.

George Clooney

You don’t get voted sexiest man alive unless you are killing it from head to toe. In our opinion, the head is far more important than the toes. Clooney is known for his touch-of-grey sophistication that complements a classic clean combover. Over the years, he has kept it fresh by changing the length, both on the sides and on top. When it’s medium all around he looks almost presidential, but when it’s long and sweeping on top it’s reminiscent of his youthful swagger. He’s even cut it short, bordering on a buzz that still has a faint combover. This look is simple but versatile and sure to look great no matter what age you are. If you want men’s hairstyling that’s more unique to you, experiment with different facial hair. He’s had it a bit long and rugged, but anything could add some style.

James Dean

At this point, it’s almost cliché to put James Dean on a list of classic hairstyles. However, clichés exist for reason: because the original was almost too good to be true. In terms of men’s hairstyling, it’s a gesture of respect to the all-time great actor who we lost to soon. What were bad-boy rebel styles at the time have now become the major influence for many modern men’s cuts. From his messy quiff in East of Eden to his classic pompadour in Rebel without a Cause, Dean’s hair has made women sigh for half a century. If you’re a man looking to turn heads, study up. If Abraham Lincoln is required reading in history class, then James Dean is required reading in the history of hair. Actually, no, he’s even bigger than that. He’s more like the Big Bang, the origin of the universe, the foundation of style. Men’s hair styling was never the same. Or at least that’s what it seems like when you read all of the gushing praise for him on hairstyle lists.


Men, take a long look at this list. No, look at it a bit longer. Even if you aren’t going to walk into the salon with pictures of these iconic looks, you can least take away that great hair can be an important part of the look of great men. If you want to go to a salon that can turn your hair into an iconic look, make an appointment with us at Great Waves today!

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