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Hey, there hair people! A couple weeks ago we talked about Hair Salon Services, but what if you want to be the one providing those services? We think working in a studio hair salon is pretty fantastic, and we always tell anyone who is thinking about it the same thing. Just do it! Working in a studio hair salon is fun, creative, and social, and you get to see yourself improve every day!

In other words, we love it. But our hair specialists didn’t learn all of their skills overnight. Working in a studio hair salon is a lot more than being a hair styling maven. To really excel in the salon business, you need to develop good qualities to ensure that customers stay beautiful and happy and make you an invaluable part of the team.

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  1. Communication

When you work in a salon, you are part of a community with your clients and co-workers, and communication is key to building a strong, healthy community. Rather than being about expressing yourself clearly, communication is also about being able to listen, and listening takes a lot more effort and thought than you might think. When a client comes in, you need to be able to listen closely to make sure you understand their wants and needs. Also, listening will help you absorb lessons from your more experienced co-workers—there is always something new to learn!

  1. Organization

When things get busy, a studio hair salon can get hectic. Every day you’ll need to serve your clients, make new appointments, field cancellations, and no-shows, and keep yourself focused throughout the day. If you lose track of appointments, overbook, or run to long with clients, you’ll soon be drowning in the workload. But if you keep a calendar of all your appointments, leave some time between clients, and keep your station clean and organized, instead of treading water it’ll be like you’re relaxing comfortably with clients by the pool.

  1. Endurance

Don’t bother with a fit-bit because you’ll definitely get your 10,000 steps working in a studio salon. You are on your feet all day, chatting with clients, and keeping track of appointments. Through it all, you have to deliver the best service every time. It can be exhausting—and rewarding—when you are on all day. Our advice is to invest in the best pair of shoes for standing all day and give yourself some breathing room in between some appointments. It’s best for you and your clients if you take care of yourself and don’t get burned out!

  1. Patience

When things start moving quickly, it’s easy to become irritated and impatient with every little mishap. Maybe someone is late for an appointment and the next person is upset. Perhaps you worked hard but the client isn’t happy with the result. If you’re patient, it will not only help you deal with frustrating situations but also help you be more gentle on yourself if you make mistakes. It doesn’t do any good to get down on yourself just because things start to go wrong. Don’t worry, none of us were perfect when we first started. It’s not always peaches and cream In a studio hair salon, but a little patience will see you through the tough parts so you can enjoy all of the wonderful parts too.

  1. Have Fun!

A studio hair salon is a lively, vibrant atmosphere, and now you’re a part of that community! Part of what separates a good salon from a great salon is the people. The salon that clients—and workers—want to keep coming back to is the one where they feel welcome and appreciated. And eventually, clients won’t just be your clients, but your friends as well. Fun is the fuel that will keep you going throughout the day and throughout your whole career!

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Your Dream Job

At the end of the day, the most important quality is going to be a love for the job. You can always learn more about your craft, but the drive to improve can’t be taught. It takes a genuine love of the work to push through and become the best you can be. If you have that, then you’re already on the path to being a great addition to any studio hair salon!

At Great Waves, we take pride in only hiring people with all of the great qualities above and more! Contact us today and make an appointment with any one of our expert stylists!

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