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We previously talked about re-inventing yourself with sleek new looks; now we are bringing sexy back to your hair with 6 styles that are a must for 2018! Don’t be stuck in the past with the same old hairstyles. Break those chains holding you back and try new things, your hair will thank you later. Change is good, and so is feeling like a new, sexier you.

  1. Unleash That Sexy Silver Fox:

beautiful silver hair

Silver hair has been an ongoing trend that looks absolutely gorgeous. The contrast between the light and dark shades helps to accentuate a deep and mysterious look that people will go crazy for. Worried about a couple of gray hairs you found in the mirror? Not anymore! At Great Waves Salon you can get ringlets of beautiful silver streaming throughout your hair. Looking gray has never felt this good.

  • In order to achieve this look, you will start by bleaching your hair to get it as light as possible. This will make it easier for the color and toner to stay in your hair and look as natural as possible. After your hair looks as light as possible, they apply a purple toner to your hair to take out any yellow undertones that were left behind by the bleach. After it is all done, get ready to see the new you in the mirror.
  1. Goodbye Brown And Hello Balayage:

Balayage is amazing for women who don’t want to be quite as drastic as silver but still want to look sexier than ever. Balayage highlights the colors of your hair to create a natural-looking effect. The sun-kissed highlights will make everyone do a double take when you walk by.

  • The first step is to part your hair into 3 sections. Balayage is very precise and has to be treated with care in order to achieve this stunning look. After this, the dye begins. It starts with small rows that get placed with the dye in order to achieve the natural look and shine. Next, your stylist will wrap your head and put you under heat to speed up the process. Finally, to maximize the “wow” effect, ask for a gloss to really make your hair pop.
  1. Move over Ariel:

red hair

Disney princesses are many things. They are beautiful, strong, and have hair to dye for. Be bold and stand out with Ariel-red hair. Long and wavy, this hairstyle is perfect for women who want to stand out and embrace their inner mermaid. Bright red hair can look good on any skin tone, so why not give it a try yourself!

  • This is a pretty simple look to achieve. Some people do not even have to bleach their hair in order to achieve this look. You or your stylist will part your hair and begin to have the bright reds painted on. Presto! Yes, it is that simple. If you decide to bleach first then you will simply have your hair bleached, and then have the toner run throughout your hair to create that fiery, and fierce woman you want to see.
  1. If You Don’t Use It, Lose It:

G.I Jane isn’t the only one who can pull this look off. Many women decide to shave their heads for many reasons. Whether it is personal, like a friend or loved one who is losing their hair or a bold fashion statement to show off your inner strength, this hairstyle could be right for you. Shaving your hair can be a pretty intense feeling. When you look in the mirror you might gasp at this stranger standing before you. But that stranger is still you, and you are still a strong and fierce woman, and hair doesn’t define that for you.

  • Simple, ask your stylist to shave your head or even go for a buzz cut. You will begin to feel the cool wind blowing against your head, and when you take a look in the mirror you will see a woman who is proud and who loves you, staring back at you.
  1. Pixies Aren’t Just A Fairytale:


Famous celebrities have been getting the pixie cut for a while now. It is a clean and exciting new look for you to try. Short and sweet, this cut will make you do a double take in the mirror just so you can see how good you look twice.

  • After carefully figuring out which pixie cut style goes with your facial features (Oval face, heart shape, square, etc.) the fun part begins. Play around with your new hair by using creams or hair gel to give it volume and bring it to life.
  1. Flirty Curls:

Curls are a timeless and fun-loving look that you can have in minutes. If you want to go for a fun and free feeling looks then curls are for you. Whether you want more of a salon perm or you want to DIY at home, you can have gorgeous curls and it is very simple.

  • While using a heat protective spray on your hair, use a curling iron. Simply wrap your hair around the curling iron and you will get nice long curls. Or, you can go to a salon and ask for a perm to get those tight nice curls and let loose that party animal!

Contact Great Waves for more information on how to book your next appointment to achieve that sexy hairstyle you want! You and your hair can be anything, call now!

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