Mothers know that it can be difficult to juggle the task of being an employee, a caring mother, and a women. There’re trips to the gym, parent teacher conferences, meals to cook, and homework to help the kids with. It’s a miracle we have anytime for our self. But every woman should be entitled to cute, sexy hair. Below are a few quick easy hair style tips to keep you looking fabulous.

Plan Ahead

For beautiful, flowing waves, try leaving you hair a bit damp from a shower overnight. Braid it up tightly before bed to avoid it becoming frizzy. And for even better hair, use bobby pins to make small buns. You will have incredible, sexy smooth hair.

Accessorize Girls

A fun way to make your hair flirty is to place a few accessories into your luscious locks. Nothing says cute like a pretty bow, or a friendly headband. And the beauty of it all is that it’s so simple. Just push back your sexy hair and hold it in place with a thick head band. You will look super cute.

Dry Shampoo

A must have for any hot mom is dry shampoo! It soaks up all that ugly oil in your hair, and leaves it looking sweet and silky smooth. All your roots will be clean as ever. It also allows you to keep your curls in without having to re-do the whole hair style. If you’re looking for the right shampoo, try Redken’s Pillow Proof or Pureology’s Fresh Approach.

Written by rufinamo