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Best Hair Salon: 5 Must-Have Qualities

I have had some abysmal salon experiences. Like looking in the mirror and questioning if they used safety scissors kind of bad. We have blogged before about the qualities someone needs to work in a salon; today, we’ll tell you about the 5 must-have qualities that the best hair salon needs to have. There is a huge gap between an average hair salon and the best hair salon, but unfortunately most cities are littered with average. As we’ll show, cutting hair is only one part (although an extremely important one) of what makes a truly exceptional salon experience.

  1. New and Sophisticated Technology

Times they are a changin’, and businesses need to keep up. New technology is being developed all of the time, and high performing salons keep an eye on what’s new. There should be online booking, new software to keep track of client history and preferences, and a quick, easy, and effective tool for various spa operations to communicate. You shouldn’t see many pens and paper pads laying around, or outdated styling tools and hair products. The best hair salon takes initiative to improve, and the best technology shows a strong desire to deliver the best service. When you go in to a salon, take note of the salon’s equipment and management tools.

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     2. Organization and Cleanliness

Hair can be messy. Hair on the floor, hair on the scissors and brushes, hair gunking up the bottles of styling product . . . but you shouldn’t see any of this! Hair stylists are responsible for keeping their stations clean for each new customer so they can have the best experience—the best hair salon won’t except anything less than immaculate. Stylists shouldn’t need to dig threw drawers or fumble around looking for products. You’re looking for effort and care. You’re looking for a desire to exceed customer expectation. If there isn’t full effort in one aspect of their craft, you can’t be certain they’ll put full effort in serving their customers. Organization also applies to how smoothly the whole operation functions. From the time you make your reservation to the moment you leave the salon, there shouldn’t be many hiccups. If you’re a walk-in, pay attention to how well they integrate you into the schedule.

     3. Kindness and Sociability

Being truly kind isn’t just greeting you with a smile and giving you a mint on your way out the door. A salon is an interactive and social atmosphere, and stylists need to genuinely engender close relationships with their clients. That means being genuinely interested in the lives of their clients, not just keeping up the patter of weary small talk. The best hair salon treasures loyalty, and loyal clients are ones who feel appreciated and important. The salon experience is supposed to be fun, engaging, and relaxing. If you see stylists looking bored with their clients or bickering with each other, it’s a red flag. Keep an eye out for a salon where the stylists and the clients seem to be genuinely engaged. People are much more motivated to do a good job when they care about their clients.

     4. Talented Stylists

Of course, the best hair salon needs stylists with exceptional technical skills. At the end of the day, that’s the bottom line: leaving with a top-notch haircut. Not only that, but they should consistently deliver a great cut every day, with any hairstyle. Given, everyone stylist has their specialty, crimps or color or waves. But a client desires a quality cut, regardless of the style. If every stylist is a really talented—with no weak links—it shows that the salon only accepts the best of the best. It shows the salon is actively striving for greatness, instead of settling for whoever walks in the door. After hiring the best, the best hair salon also encourages on-going education. There is never nothing else to learn, improve, or implement. Ask if the salon brings in other professionals to help them improve their service, or provides educational resources to their stylists.

     5. Ease of Access

Granted, if you’re looking for the best hair salon, many of them are going to be pretty busy. However, the salon should try to be as efficient and accessible as possible. Some salons have unintuitive online reservation systems, never seem to answer the phone, and aren’t organized when handling all of their reservations and walk-ins. Clients want the process to be streamlined, and too much hassle and people will quickly be googling another salon.

Any run-of-the-mill salon can wash your hair, give you a hot towel and get you out with a decent haircut. Only the best hair salon, however, can truly provide you with a meaningful and exceptional spa experience.

If you are interested in a salon that will consistently deliver the best possible product, contact us at Great Waves today and talk to our enthusiastic team of expert stylists!

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