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With an endless number of cuts and styles to choose from, finding the right one to match the shape of your face might seem like an impossible task. However, here at Great Waves Salon, we ensure that each and every client receives the best possible cut and style for their face. We’ve gone over some basics to consider before coming in for your next appointment!

• Round: the length and width of your face are visibly equal. If you have a round face, you’re in luck! No matter the length of your hair, you’ll want to have a cut that’s both simple and elegant. Therefore, go with a style that’s even (so yes, you might want to skip out on choosing a style with bangs). You’ll also want to consider going with a middle part and some light layers to frame your face. If you need an idea of what that might look like, go look up images of Selena Gomez and Charlize Theron. Again, this style works for short-hair, too.

• Square: your jaw and chin are prominent and square-shaped, similar to the width of your forehead. If you have a square shaped face, you really have a myriad of options to choose from. However, a side part with side swept bangs is definitely the best look for your face. With the right amount of layers, the side part and bangs will round your face, making your features look softer and less intense. The best thing about having a square shaped face is that this style looks good on both long and short hair. For a visual reference, check out any of the styles that Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightly have rocked.

• Heart: your cheekbones and forehead are characteristically wide, while your chin and jaw are relatively pointed. With a face shaped like Reese Witherspoon, you too can pull off any length under the sun. However, when it comes to style, longer, side swept bangs will draw people’s attention right to your eyes, and frame the unique shape of your face nicely. If you’re confused about how long your bangs should be, the short part of the bang should hit the arch of your eyebrow, while longest part of your bangs should the middle of your ear.

• Diamond: your cheekbones are wider than your forehead and jawline, which are both relatively narrow. If you have a diamond shaped face, you’ll want a style that doesn’t make your face look narrower than its natural shape. In order to avoid that, you’ll want choose a style that accentuates your jawline. Therefore, go with a cut that will give you lots and lots of layers, like Kourtney Kardashian. By layering your hair, your face will look more open and prominent, which avoids any chance of your face looking too narrow.

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