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Split ends in your hair can be frustrating, unflattering, and a sign of poor hair health. Aside from trimming, there is no immediate fix for split ends once you acquire them, so the best you can do is know the causes for this damage to your hair and try to avoid it.

Causes for split ends include common hair treatment routines such as over brushing and drying your hair with a towel, or blow drying.. Excessive brushing damages the epidermis and creates split ends so if you have to absolutely brush out your hair do so while it’s wet, as it can stretch out an extra twenty-five percent. Rubbing your hair dry is even worse, instead gently comb it dry to avoid hair damage. Blow drying your hair makes it frail, dry, and even more susceptible to split ends. Avoid this method completely if possible, as it contributes to many factors of unhealthy hair.

Over styling of the hair can also lead to split ends. Excessive dye jobs will destroy the integrity and strength of your hair, so if you can’t go without coloring, make sure you use plenty of hair health products to keep your mane healthy. Heating appliances like straighteners and curlers are also culprits to causing split ends. Just like the blowdryer this added heat is a negative factor for hair. You should even be careful when you use hair bands, as they often rip out hair pieces with every use.

With these tips, hopefully your hair can stay healthy and beautiful always!

Written by rufinamo