When you enter the spa, the vast majority of services offered can be a bit overwhelming. Facials are notorious for their ever expanding variances. Of course, all the different specials you can request are wonderful, but it can be mind boggling for individuals coming to pamper themselves for the first time. Here are some typical facials you may find at the local spa.


Doesn’t dozing off during a relaxing facial sound wonderful? It’s easily accomplished with the most classic facial of all. Consisting of extractions, a deep cleansing, and a head and neck massage you’ll be sure to catch some z’s during this facial!


Everyone wants shining, beautiful skin. This is exactly what a brightening facial will help you achieve. Involving a combination of masks, enzyme peels, and acid treatments to help remove dead-skin build up. The result? Glowy, bright skin!


This facial focuses on moisturization. Often humectant-rich products and masks will be utilized to soften and plump skin.

Written by rufinamo