Halloween hair accessories
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The witching month is upon us! That’s right in a couple short weeks it will be Halloween and the streets will be covered in goblins and ghouls, mummies and monsters. No doubt you already have your costume ready and planned, but for those who may not or who simply want to add a bit of Halloween flair to their day-to-day looks until the 31st, here are some of the best hair accessories for Halloween!

Halloween Hair Accessories



A costume that can quickly be thrown together with little more than two pieces is the classic cute dress and headwear duo. Things like a headband of Kahlo flowers, or simple cat ears can, when thrown together with a simple but stylish dress, make a costume simple and easy.

With the rise of SnapChat the past few years, the ‘Filter’ Costume genre has boomed. Many of those require a specific headband like golden butterflies. Luckily for all of us, businesses like Spirit have done just that and built lines of accessories for those costumes.

Hair Dyes

Several distinct styles of hair coloring have swept the scenes this past year. Mermaid and unicorn styles feature rainbows of color dyed into often silver or platinum locks. Of course, Halloween has its classic standbys in black and neons of assorted colors. Picking up some of these less potent dyes and you can add quick, crazy color to your costume or daily October look. Look to places like Redken for temporary colors that will last but not past several shampoos.


So much of Halloween hair is texture. Witches wigs, Vampire slick backs, and more. The key to nailing a costume and going above and beyond is in the hair. But you do not want to be overly product happy with it.  Follow instructions, use hairspray from a distance and don’t go too wild with the product lest it builds up and wrecks your head and hair health. 

The Standbys

Hair ties, bobby pins, sprays, bows, all sorts of hair accessories that are no doubt filling your vanity right now can be put to wonderful use in your costumes. Always know what tool you need for any job and you will be set to succeed.

Regardless of your costume, you can do a lot with your own hair to fit the bill rather than needing to just slap a wig on. Aside from looking absolutely fantastic, the comfort levels are drastically different, as anybody who has spent time in their school theater can tell you. We hope your Halloween celebrations are absolutely spooktacular! If you need to take more drastic measures to get your hair in Spooky Shape, contact us and together we will get you the best hair award for your office Halloween party!




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