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Some hairstyles are the de facto way you wear your hair. Think a man’s high and tight, or ombre dyed locks. These are styles that denote just how your hair will almost always look. Some folks just like their standard look! This time on the Great Waves blog we wanted to preach the good word of the hair bun. A bun can take your hair and work into something new, special, or gorgeous even when you’re feeling, let’s be honest, like doing your hair is the last thing you want to do. And they are not just for women!

The Classic Hair Bun

For this ‘Classic hair bun, begin by gathering your hair up into a ponytail. Flip it back and forth once or twice to loosen it up. This will provide two benefits to your bun 1) add volume to your bun and 2) keeps it less tight. Next twist the hair! As the hair twists it will tighten and then you will begin to wrap the twisted hair around itself, forming the bun. With your bun in place, secure it using a hair tie, making sure the band itself is tight around the bun.

The Messy Bun

Gather your hair up into a high ponytail. With the ponytail in hand, begin to twist it to create a loose bun to start, wrapping your hair around itself. If you’re envisioning a cinnamon roll, you are on the right path! Get it secured with a hair tie and some critical bobby pins. Finish up by pulling out portions of your bun to loosen it up and achieve the ‘messy’ look.

The Man Bun

This next bun basic is one that has its own contract! That’s right we are talking about Kit Harrington and his Jon Snow luscious locks. From the shorter, shoulder-length cut that he sported beyond the wall to the now famous ‘man bun’ of the past several seasons, there is no denying that Game of Thrones and Jon Snow created a cultural movement with his do. If you’re a man with long locks, it’s easy to replicate! With your hair in hand, simply pull it straight back level with your eyes, fold it over and tie. If you want to maneuver it further up towards the crown of your head that fits too.

These are three quick and uncomplicated ways to do up the bun, from a traditional, clean looking bun to messy, carefree style and even an option for the long-haired fellas. If you are looking to get a fresh style, call us and schedule an appointment and together we can give you the fierce or fantastic look you deserve!

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