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In preparation for warmer weather and more skin exposure, you might be thinking about (or dreading) your routine for getting rid of all unwanted body hair. Your current method might be working great for you, or maybe it’s time for a change because your skin seems to be reacting negatively. Either way, here are the breakdowns of a few popular hair removal methods.


Waxing is most often associated with trips to the salon and pain, but there’s much more to waxing than that! True to its name, waxing includes applying hot wax to the area where hair removal is desired and ripping it off quickly, opposite of the way your hair naturally grows. This results in hair being pulled out from the root, and smooth legs for up to three weeks. Waxing requires, at least, a quarter inch regrowth before another waxing session, and individuals will eventually build up a tolerance to the unavoidable pain that comes along with waxing. It is possible to do waxing yourself, but professionals are available as at serval salons practically anywhere in case you’d rather have help.


Probably the most common and easiest method of hair removal. Razors and shaving cream are available for purchase at conveniently located drug and grocery storesand remains one of the cheapest routines to practice. Shaving is most often painless and easy to perform, simply dragging a razor over hair you wish to eliminate. Using moisturizing cream, going with the grain, and using a sharp razor are all ways to prevent cuts, scrapes, and further skin irritation. Shaving is a much more temporary solution, removing hair from the skin’s surface with only a few days for regrowth.


If you dislike or have had bad experiences with the two methods above, moving to a depilatory cream might be better for you. These creams use chemicals to weaken hair follicles so that hair is easily removed from just below the surface as you wipe applied cream away. It is crucial you always use the proper cream for the area in which you are getting rid of hair. Depilatory cream can irritate more sensitive skin and tend to have an unpleasant smell. Test out these products in small sections, deciding if it’s right for your skin before you fully commit. Popular creams include Nair and Veet.

Written by rufinamo