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Welcome back to the Great Waves salon blog! If you are here, it is likely you are familiar with our blog and all the useful information we provide. Every month we take a couple topics and mull them over here, from hair care advice for men and women and every season to the products you should be using to have the healthiest hair available. This time around we wanted to go over hair salon services, the kind of things you can expect or look for when searching out your next hair salon.

hair salon services


This seems like an obvious one of course and if you are looking for a hair salon, services that include haircuts is a must! These can vary from salon to salon, for instance some places like old time barbershops only cut men’s hair and only in certain fashions. At Great Waves we provide women and men haircuts, styles, children’s and teen cuts, and so many more. You can get as much or as little (even just a conditioning for $12!) done as you want.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is another standard to find on any hair salon service list. Foil highlightings (full and partial) as well as permanent/semi-permanent coloring, even lash and brow tinting are all available at a hair salon.  The prices and products may differ between stylists so be sure to discuss it with your individual stylist!

Permanent Waving

Permanent waves, relaxers, and spiral perms are all available at Great Waves salon. This is another hair styling service we are proud to offer.

Some services that you might not expect a hair salon to offer based solely on the name include nail, massage. We offer nail care like pedicures, polishes, fills, repairs, and shellac services. Massages can be booked by the half hour with individual masseuses. True, these are not standard services to expect from a hair salon but these are just some of the things that set us apart from the pack.

Many salons work as a sort of, a freelance operating place for professionals offering a wide range of services, supplies, and care. It is important to search out what you are looking for and finding a stylist, masseuse, etc. who you like to work with.

Here at Great Waves, we offer a massive number of services for a salon! If you unsure, contact us and let’s schedule you an appointment. We are happy to do your hair salon services from toe to tip!

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