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Hair Salons in Tucson, AZ

Like a surfer fearlessly paddling towards a line of breakers, our team of hair stylist approach every clump of locks like a new wave. What’s more, when it comes to hair salons in Tucson, no one offers friendlier customer service, and care in Tucson, AZ. No doubt, the Great Waves distinguishes itself from the pack for its quality hair care, attention to detail when dealing with nails, and our soft relaxing massages. So, although the ocean is far from Tucson, you can still find some Great Waves.

Tucson Nail Salons

Although the Great Waves salon offers hair styling, hair extensions, and waxing, they also provide quality nail care. Our nail specialist all have fingernail OCD, meaning they never blunder with the small brush in their hand. What’s more our pedicures are the perfect way to pamper yourself. Nothing beats a relaxing day at the salon. You will look and feel beautiful after leaving.

Ride the Waves

There is a large breaker sweeping through Tucson, AZ at the moment. But this breaker is not the heart-beat of the sea, but rather, a salon riddled with customer care and support. Tucson nail salons beware that a new measure has been set, and reaching over the crest of the Great Wave’s perfection is highly unlikely.

Commitment to Care

Although the Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, this is not the same when it comes to salons. For there are only a few things you can trust in this world: your dog, a heap of money, and your hair stylist. Come by the store today and see if you’re interested in joining our family here at the Great Waves.