Once we figure out a routine for keeping our hair washed and clean, we tend to stick to it. However, your methods may be damaging your hair more than you realize. To keep thick, healthy hair here are some different techniques to try.

First and foremost, do not wash your hair everyday. Give it a break to restore the natural balance of healthy oil and bacteria. It may appear greasy, but your hair will adjust and end up looking better than ever! Consider ditching shampoo in your wash routine altogether if the idea of dry, frizzy hair really concerns you. Shampoo has strong stripping agents towards oil and grime in hair that can dull it out, especially when used on a regular basis. Try giving your hair a cold rinse before you finish your shower, this will help the hair shaft close, resulting in tight, bouncy, shiny hair.

When you are out of the shower or bath, handle drying your hair with care. Avoiding scrubbing or wringing your hair out as this can irritate, damage, and break hair follicles. Pat hair dry instead, and avoid using heated products like blow dryers, straighter, curlers, etc. Hair will benefit best from air drying.

Written by rufinamo