Thanks to the internet, so many stylists and bloggers have taken it upon themselves to offer up absolutely excellent tutorials showing everyone how to finally nail down that perfect hair style they have always wanted.

And in 2016, one of the popular styles was something that many of these bloggers and vloggers called “twisted mini hair buns.”

Before we continue… let us set one thing straight. There is no such thing as “twisted mini hair buns,” but there is something called Bantu Knots. And the Bantu Knot hairstyle has an extremely rich, interesting history. Wondering a bit more about it? Here is some awesome information to read about…

The first real documentation of this hairstyle can be traced back as far as 1898, and was found in Africa. In fact, the word “Bantu” itself is a rather vague, blanketed term used in the southernmost parts of Africa, which groups together over five hundred distinct ethnic groups throughout the region.

Despite the term’s usage as a generality, its meaning has been uncovered to mean the same thing across all of the ethnic groups: “people.”

The Bantu Knot is said to originate from the Zulu people, who are one of the many ethnic Bantu groups. This is sometimes why the term Bantu Knot is substituted with the term Zulu Knot.

While the reason for why this is a popular hairstyle for black women is debated, the fact that this is a wonderfully easy hairstyle to maintain should not even be questioned.

Not only is the Bantu Knot an extraordinarily easy hairstyle to maintain, but there is no fuss and buss when it comes to the actual styling of the hair. Some women even leave their hair in Bantu Knots overnight to unravel them in the morning for a perfect curl.

These types of hairstyles should be greatly celebrated for their history and cultural significance.

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