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How long have you gone without washing your hair? For some, it’s one day, and for others, it’s about 3-4. But is there a secret number of days that you should leave your hair unwashed? Unfortunately, there is no magic number, and hair experts and stylists have debated this question for some time. While you might still be puzzled by this, it’s important to know general facts about what shampoo does to your hair and scalp.

What does shampoo do to your hair?

In effect, shampoo traps the oils that are on your hair and scalp, and strips them off. That’s why your hair and scalp tend to feel “clean” after it’s been washed. However, some of these oils are actually good for your hair and scalp, is it keeps them hydrated and healthy. By stripping them away on a daily basis, you could be drying both your hair and scalp, which would leave you with brittle, dry hair. Not only that, your scalp wouldn’t have enough moisture to protect the integrity of the skin or hair follicles on your head.

Does hair thickness and type matter?

Yes it does! For instance, people with exceptionally thick hair should shampoo less than people with normal or fine hair. That’s because people with thick hair, for the most part, tend to have less natural oils on their scalp than most. It also helps having more hair, because oil is absorbed at a much slower and less visible rate than people with thinner hair.

This also applies to people with dry or curly hair. People who have dry hair should wash less often because they are already lacking in some essential, healthy oils. Likewise, people with curly hair should be washing their hair less often, in order to keep the natural bounce of their curls in-tact. A great option for people with curly hair is applying a co-wash every few days, in order to keep their hair from looking too oily to the eye.

At the end of the day, how often you wash your hair is solely up to you. While every person’s hair is different, try going 2-3 days without washing to see how your hair reacts. It’s also known that the less frequently you wash your hair, the less oily it will start to look after longer periods of time! So put down that bottle and see what happens after a few weeks!

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