how to shape perfect eyebrows
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Eyebrows are often an insecurity for women, and we are constantly obsessed with trying to keep them groomed at all times. Nicely shaped brows can bring an entire look together and enhance our natural features. If only our eyebrows could permanently look the way they do after a fresh wax, that would solve all of our issues. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case, so we are going to look at ways to maintain our brows during the period before our next wax or threading session.

Brows come in all shapes, colors, thickness or thinness, but no matter what kind of eyebrows you have there is always grooming and maintenance to be done to achieve the perfect look. One thing to know is that our eyebrows are shaped in a way to complement our natural bone structure. Your eyebrows should lay squarely on the brow bone and begin at the bridge of the nose and end at the corner of the eye.

Ready, set, grow!

To reach your full brow potential, patience is key. Letting your eyebrows grow naturally for about six to eight weeks will give you the chance to see your natural shape. And as we know when it comes to brows, natural is what we wish to accomplish. Once you have let your eyebrows grow out, you can get started on shaping them to your liking. This might be the hardest or most frustrating step, but we promise it’s worth it.

Don’t be afraid of tweezing

You can actually obtain the perfect brow shape from tweezing alone. This is due to the fact that unlike waxing or threading, you can tweeze one hair at a time making it easier for precision and symmetry. You want to make quick, short plucking motions in the direction of hair growth for a less painful result. Our best piece of advice for tweezing is to never over pluck. If one eyebrow is less full than the other, do not pluck the thicker eyebrow to match the thinner one. Be patient and wait for your eyebrow to grow and catch up with the other. Here are some additional tips on plucking your brows.

Using a brow pencil

There’s no shame in filling in your eyebrows if you have to. This is sometimes necessary if you have some thinner spots in your brows and you want a fuller look but don’t want to wait for them to grow out. Find a shade that matches your natural brow color on those areas and then combing through with a clear brow gel. As with tweezing, do not try to match the thicker brow with the thinner one. If one brow is fuller than the other, just apply less color.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this tutorial on how to get a natural looking eyebrows.

You are not alone with your eyebrow insecurities, even the most beautiful celebrities struggle with their eyebrows. For any other advice on achieving picture perfect brows, contact us or schedule an appointment for a wax.


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