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The eternal struggle. You want longer, luscious locks but your hair just does not want to grow! Well, despite how it seems, it certainly is growing but maybe not as fast as you’d hope. Here are Great Wave we are all about getting you the hairstyle you want and love, and unless you want to get extensions put in (which we totally offer!) we need to have a solid base to work from! Here are some tips to help you grow the hair you are excited to have.

First, remember, hair only grows a quarter to half an inch max in a month, and that’s when it is uber healthy. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to hair growth.

Keep trimming

Counter-intuitively to some, but scissors are going to be a key tool in growing your hair long and healthy. Split ends are the enemy of long hair! As the ends split, the longer they are around, the further up the strand they work and break more and more of the strand off. Leading to shorter healthy hair. Trim about an eighth of an inch every two and a half to three months to keep the split ends at bay.


Hair, like every other part of the body, requires building blocks to grow healthy. Supplementing your nutrition with some vitamins like vitamin E or biotin will go a long way to growing your hair long and heathy.

Steer Clear of Lightening and Coloring

If you are trying to grow your hair long, you want to avoid anything that damages the hair. And yes, that means coloring and lightening your locks. So, while you are on this marathon of growth you’ll have to stick with your current color.

Condition Your Shampoo Use

You no doubt already know, but you should not be shampooing your hair every shower. Shampoo is great for clearing away dirt and build up from hair products but it also takes away natural oils that are essential for healthy, soft hair. Whenever you do shampoo, make sure you are conditioning every time. Conditioners replace lipids and proteins in the hair strand itself, keeping the hair strong and ripe for growth.

Brush Your Hair – Softly

Brushing your hair is great, keeping it straight and detangled is good for growth. That requires careful brushing, starting from the bottom of your hair and working your way to the scalp. Getting your hair pushed into a tangle will cause breakage and then you’ll lose all that precious, healthy hair.

There are loads more of different tips all meant to increase your hair growth and keep those locks healthy. Once they are the length you have been waiting for, schedule an appointment with us and we can do your hair up just like you have always dreamed.

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