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With monsoon season creeping upon us, you might be noticing that the air has become increasingly humid. Like most, you’re also noticing that your hair is becoming frizzy and unmanageable. But don’t worry! Your hair will be looking ultra-sleek and smooth with these tips:

  • Condition, condition. While conditioning your hair is already part of your maintenance routine, you should apply a deep-conditioning mask once a week. The deep-conditioner will balance the amount of moisture in each strand, resulting in more manageable, sleek hair. With a wide variety of products on the market matched by numerous hair-types, the professionals at Great Waves Salon can assist in any hair care decisions you might have to make.
  • Steer clear of your hairbrush. We understand that brushing your hair is essential to keeping it knot-free, but it’s also making your hair frizzy. With that in mind, only brush your hair before you enter the shower, and no more than that. If you can’t avoid the brush or you’ve always been brushing your hair wet or dry, try running through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to detangle any knots you might have. Just be sure to avoid over-brushing, which causes breakage and leads to flyways.
  • Quick fixes: Hair products aren’t the only things you can use when managing frizzy or flyaway hairs. In fact, you can use the products you already own! After your hair has dried and been styled and you’re seeing some fizziness or flyways, grab some hand lotion to hold it down. Depending on how much hair you have, never use more than a dime-sized drop to manage the issue. You’ll want to spread it evenly in your fingers, and run it lightly through your hair, like you would with any other product. Be sure to not apply the lotion too heavily to any one part, as your hair might begin to look greasy or thick. This can also be done using lip balm! Don’t use anything too sticky or colorful, as this will completely ruin your look. Instead, use a lip balm that’s more pomade-like. Not only will lotion and lip balm tame those untamable strands, but it will also give your hair great texture!
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