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Manicures are a wonderful way to pamper and clean up your nails, but it’s important to keep your nails looking nice and healthy even between manicure appointments. Here are some do’s and don’tsfor maintaining strong and healthy nails.

Cutting Cuticles

It might come as a surprise, but cutting your cuticles away is poor for all around nail health. Cuticles act as a barrier for bacteria, eliminating them completely can make you more prone to infection. An alternative is to have your cuticles pushed down and back, using an exfoliating solution that will help eliminate excess cuticle skin without chance of tearing.

Avoid Damaging Habits

Refrain from using your nails as your go-to tool of choice. Using your nails to open every box, bottle, or letter will put them under lots of stress. The strength in your nails will dwindle, leading to cracks, peels, and complete breakage. Peeling old nail polish off can become a habit for some peoplewhetherit’s out of boredom or anxiety. This is a bad idea also, as it can irritate and damage the nail bed.

Practice Beneficial Habits

The easiest way to obtain healthy nails is a healthy diet. Nails are made out of protein, so it is essential that you have a substantial amount of protein in your diet, whether that be through meat or other alternatives like beans and eggs. Keep hydrated not only for yourselfbut your nails as well! Proper hydration will lead to better cuticles. Due to genes, sometimes brittle and weak nails are unavoidable, but biotin supplements are available to help fix this problem.

Along with all these suggestions, you should give your nails a quick manicure each week, cutting back excess and making sure everything is clean. Be aware of what products work for your nails, and which don’t. Not all chemical solutions treat nails the same.

Written by rufinamo