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One of the most common services requested of us is kids haircuts after all many of our clients are moms who are coming in for their own cuts, colors, and styles. Welcome back to the Great Waves blog, where we help get the worries out of your hair with a wealth of information! This time around we are going to talk about kids haircuts, where to get them, how often, and more!

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As we mentioned last time on the blog, we offer a wide range of services here at the Great Waves salon, some of which are children and teen haircuts. If you browse our services page you will notice that the two are broken up into different categories and price ranges. A child’s cut runs about $20+ here while a teenager’s starts at $30. The reason is simple: as people age, their hair needs and health change drastically. When a child needs a haircut, the requirements are different than a teenager whose hair may be more oily or looking for a more stylish option.

How often a child needs a haircut can vary drastically as well. If your child has a shorter cut, it will need more frequent upkeep than longer hair, as the ‘unkemptness’ can appear faster than in longer styles. Adults are recommended to get their haircut every 6-8 weeks and for the most part that works for teens as well.

When it comes to hairstyles for kids, the range of options is as limitless as they are for adults! While not every cut will look great on a teen boy, for instance, they have options that work for them better than anyone else. Classics like the high and tight and buzzcuts never go out of style and are perfect for minimal maintenance hairstyle (particularly important if your child is a bit of a handful).

Regardless, the best tip there is for kids haircuts is this: do not over think it! They are haircuts and styles just like you get, made of the same kinds of hair as yours. There really is little to worry about when you boil it down to the facts. Hair is hair, and any reputable, skilled stylist will know how to work with your child’s hair to get them the best cut possible.

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