These days, it seems like hair-care is becoming an increasingly overwhelming job. It is a job that begins the moment you wake up and stays with you until you go to bed at night. Not only can hair-care be extremely time consuming, it can be very expensive as well. It seems like there are more hair-care products on salon shelves than there are stars in the sky. Depending on who you talk to, you might hear that you need ALL of them. While having the right products is certainly important, there are other low-cost techniques you can use to keep your hair in amazing condition.

  1. Air-Dry When Possible

We know life is busy and wild and you are always on the run, but you should try to find the time to let your hair air-dry whenever possible. We are also aware that that blow-drying may be a crucial part of your beauty routine, but hear us out. Regular blow-drying WILL damage your hair. It isn’t natural for it to be subjected to such extreme heat on such a regular basis. By forgoing the blow-drying for a few days, the natural texture of your hair will return. You may have forgotten how nice it is!

  1. Limit Shampoo Use

While you should still be showering daily in the interested of personal hygiene, you should avoid shampooing your hair on a daily basis. Shampoo is a powerful cleaner. In some ways, it is almost too powerful. Washing with shampoo strips your hair of natural minerals and oils. This causes it to become dry and brittle. The frequency with which you shampoo really depends on your unique hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Try shampooing once a week. Then try twice a week. Compare how your hair looks and feels with these two different approaches.

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