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Ah, makeup. Remember playing around with a ton of different colors when we were children? Those were the good days. Not only that, sometimes the makeup turned out pretty well! But the older we got, the more serious makeup became. And obviously, the more expensive it became. Whether you have a strict makeup routine and only wear neutral shades or you try out a bunch of styles and shades, here is a simple guide matching eye shadows to the color of your eyes.

Brown eyes: Luckily, people with deep or light brown eyes can pull off almost any color of eye shadow! Consider having brown eyes as the universal eye shadow pallet. But if you’re looking for something specific, brown eyes can match with the following eye shadow colors: golds, anything on the pink spectrum, greens, deep purples, greys, and obviously, black for a classic smoky eye.

Blue eyes: Less universal than brown eyes, people with blue eyes look best in anything that accentuates the unique color of their eyes. These include shades like rose, taupe, anything metallic, and any earthy toned color, including dark and light browns. Certain shades of purple can also look nice, but they look even better if a color is purple based, rather than anything strictly purple.

Green and Hazel eyes: People with green and hazel eyes can sport some of the most popular eye shadow colors on the market! The color pallet for people with green and hazel eyes is a warm based pallet, including earthy tones of browns, greens, and coppers. Likewise, warm shades of orange, yellow, and even some variations of red look best on green and hazel eyes.

Grey eyes: When it comes to grey eyes, it’s best to stick to the shades mentioned for both green/hazel and blue eyes. Grey eyes are probably the most unique eye color out there, which is why it can be difficult to pinpoint which shades match grey eyes the best.

No matter what color your eyes are, have fun and experiment with makeup! And if you don’t like to match your makeup to your eye color, you can always match it to the color of your hair for a dramatic look!

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