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Ancient Makeup Practices

Nowadays, people are constantly concerned about what’s going into their hair and makeup products, as well as whether or not the products they use are certified as animal cruelty-free. However, people in the past,…

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Matching Your Eye Color To Eyeshadow

Ah, makeup. Remember playing around with a ton of different colors when we were children? Those were the good days. Not only that, sometimes the makeup turned out pretty well! But the older we…

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World’s Most Expensive Bottles Of Nail Polish

Whenever you’re at the store, you’ll most likely pass through the nail polish isle. For the most part, the bottles never really exceed the $10 mark. While there are some brands that you can…

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Strange Nail Trends in 2016

So far, 2016 has been a pretty weird year for a number of reasons. Whether it be all of the tragic deaths of music artists or Apple releasing the iPhone 7 that lacked a…

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DIY Hair Masks You Should Try

You’ve probably seen countless do-it-yourself (DIY) hair masks online, right? Some of them work, and some of them really don’t do anything. If you’re into trying out new things at home and love giving…

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How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

How long have you gone without washing your hair? For some, it’s one day, and for others, it’s about 3-4. But is there a secret number of days that you should leave your hair…

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Nails: The Hottest Colors For Each Season

There is no greater feeling than going to Great Waves Salon for a little well-deserved relaxation. And what better way to do so than treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure! After all, there…

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Best Hair Styles For Your Face: The Basics

With an endless number of cuts and styles to choose from, finding the right one to match the shape of your face might seem like an impossible task. However, here at Great Waves Salon,…

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How To Tame Frizzy And Flyaway Hair?

With monsoon season creeping upon us, you might be noticing that the air has become increasingly humid. Like most, you’re also noticing that your hair is becoming frizzy and unmanageable. But don’t worry! Your…

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Bikini Line Questions & Answers

Here at Great Waves Salon, we know how important it is to keep your bikini line looking primped and pristine. Whether you need a wax for an upcoming vacation or hot date, here is…

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