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Summers here in the marked by two things: extreme temperatures and lots of time spent by the pool. Summer is a more informal time where we often relax and embrace a more natural look….

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Low-Cost Hair-Care Tips

These days, it seems like hair-care is becoming an increasingly overwhelming job. It is a job that begins the moment you wake up and stays with you until you go to bed at night….

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How to fight Dandruff

As the temperature heats up there is one problem that many people worry about and that is dehydration. High temperatures cause your body to sweat and if you sweat enough, it can sap…

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Summer Skincare Tips

With the temperature hitting double-digits and showing no signs of stopping, it is especially important for you to protect your skin against the harsh Arizona sun and the dangers (i.e; moles, age spots and…

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Different Types of Facials

When you enter the spa, the vast majority of services offered can be a bit overwhelming. Facials are notorious for their ever expanding variances. Of course, all the different specials you can request are…

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Wacky Nail Polish Facts

1. Did you know that nail polish was being utilized as early as 3000 B.C. in China? Of course, it wasn’t like the conventional polish we know today. Instead it was made up of…

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Reasons for Poor Nail or Hair Growth

It is no secret that keratin is the special ingredient that produces and grows our hair and nails. However, maybe you’ve noticed your hair and nail growth is not all what it used to…

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Healthy Washing and Styling Habits

Once we figure out a routine for keeping our hair washed and clean, we tend to stick to it. However, your methods may be damaging your hair more than you realize. To keep thick,…

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Types of Massage

Getting a massage is a great way to treat yourself. There are several types of massages one may seek out, all using different methods to achieve different results. Many massages are sought after for…

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Cause and Prevention for Split Ends

Split ends in your hair can be frustrating, unflattering, and a sign of poor hair health. Aside from trimming, there is no immediate fix for split ends once you acquire them, so the best…

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