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Everyone enjoys great looking nails that stand out and are admired. Here are a few simple tips for keeping nails beautiful and attractive year-round. For example, most experts would agree that it is best to avoid placing hands into icy water or excessively hot water. It is a proven fact that icy cold water can result in redness. This is the result of therapid constriction and dilation of the capillaries in the hands. Conversely, hot water tends to make skin on the hands dry because sebum is stripped away.

Exfoliate The Hands With A Quality Body Scrub

As a note, one of the best ways to moisturize skin on the hands and around the nails is to use high quality oils. Another strategy that will result in great looking nails is to care for cuticles properly. For example, cutting cuticles too aggressively can result in infections that can be unsightly and in some cases dangerous. The best approach to dealing with cuticles is to simply exfoliate the hands with a quality body scrub and then simply cut away cuticles that are easy to wiggle.

Moisturize Hands And Nails With A Post Sanitizer When Possible

Another interesting bit of information is that exposure to large amounts of alcohol can cause nails and the skin in general to become dehydrated. In effect, this may cause nails that have been polished to chip much faster. As such, it is a good idea to moisturize hands and nails with a post sanitizer when possible. Equally important is to consider the effects of sun on the hands. Surprisingly, protecting hands with sunscreen can work wonders in reducing wrinkling and spotting.

Tucson Hair Salon That Gets It Right Every Time

Finally, some women have discovered that the use of anti-aging face cream on the hands can produce impressive results. This is due to the fact that a quality anti-aging face cream can serve to improve elasticity of skin on the hands. One of the best ways to do this is to simply apply the cream to the backs of the hands prior to going to bed at night. Consider these simple nail care tips as a way to enjoy great looking nails and beautiful looking skin. Contact Great Waves Salon And Spa today to learn more about a Tucson hair salon that gets it right every time.

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