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Happy New Year! It is 2018 already and we are in the midst of another rush of NYRs (New Year Resolution, naturally). Everyone is taking the new year as the opportunity to better themselves or start fresh. So here at Great Waves we are going back to basics a bit and offering you the best hair care routines for your hair, regardless of the new style. Have your fresh cut? Good! Now here’s how to maintain that hair as best as you can!


Hairdo Care Routine – Straight Hair

Straight hair, smoothly falls from the scalp and has a glossy look due to the natural oils that are able to easily work their way down the length of the hair. Because these natural oils are so prevalent, straight hair really doesn’t need to be conditioned much.

To keep straight hair looking it’s best:

Care: Do a deep condition of your hair about once a month.

Clean: Use a small-tooth comb daily to help distribute those natural oils. Wash your hair at most        every other day.

Hairdo Care Routine – Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is the blend between straight and curly. It can have consistent waves throughout or simple appear straight up until the end where it curls out. This can cause the hair to appear greasy at the top and dry and frizzy near the bottom. Here’s how to handle it.

To cheer on your wavy hair:

Care: Deep condition twice a month to keep your hair soft. Argan oil (just a couple of drops a

day) to keep your hair from frizzing.

Clean: Wash your hair two – three times a week. On days in between regular washing use a dry shampoo.

Hairdo Care Routine – Curly Hair

Opposite the spectrum from straight hair, curly hair has bounce. It’s playful. It’s voluminous. The hair can range from coarse to fine (though it often is fine). When it comes to keeping your curly hair healthy and clean the hardest parts are frizz, curl definition, and dryness.

To keep your curls happy:

Care: Curls need deep conditioning much more than others, once a week about. This will keep your curls smooth, bouncy, and hair silky.

Clean: Wash once or twice per week. Curly hair can be stripped of moisture much more easily by shampoo. To combat this, use leave-in conditioners or argan oil.


Regardless of hair type, remember to always use some sort of heat protectant product before styling. Using a silk pillow will help prevent hair from breaking. And as always, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water. Your body needs quality nutrients to grow its best hair, give it the fuel it needs!

If you are ready for a new style for the new you this New Year, Great Waves is here to deliver! Contact us for your new Hairdo! Until then, take care of what you got!

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