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It is no secret that keratin is the special ingredient that produces and grows our hair and nails. However, maybe you’ve noticed your hair and nail growth is not all what it used to be, or has never been top notch anyways. Some reasons for poor hair and nail growth are out of our control, but other reasons can be more serious, and need attention.

Brittle nails or very slow growing hair can be a sign of disease. Thyroid disease more specifically, but don’t panic and think this is automatically your issue. Often these diseases are more commonly found among women fifty and older, and there are several other indicating factors including weight gain, fatigue, joint pain etc. Other diseases that may cause poor nail and hair health include liver disease and renal failure. Sometimes, medication you are taking for other health issues can have side effects effecting hair and nails. A good way to combat that, or boost nail and hair health in general is vitamins and supplements.

Sometimes thin hair, brittle nails, and slow hair growth is not our fault. It can be predetermined in our genetics passed down by our parents. If your mother, grandmother, or other relatives showed signs of these issues, you may just be destined to follow them.


Written by rufinamo