Most would agree that shampooing and conditioning when done correctly greatly enhances the overall appeal of hair. One of the first steps in getting the most out of shampooing and conditioning for beautiful looking hair is to always match the hair care product with the type of hair being cleaned. While there are many products available today that are designed for dry hair, normal hair or oily hair the only way to truly know which product will work best is through trial and error.

Resilient Looking Hair

Trying different products over a period of time is a great way to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for one’s particular hair type. That said there are other important aspects of getting the most out of shampoos and conditioners in order to create beautiful and resilient looking hair on a daily basis. This includes choosing to shower with warm water as opposed to hot scalding water. When water is too hot it can dry out hair and make it brittle and can even irritate the scalp.

Applying Shampoo And Massaging It Into The Scalp

Another tip for enhancing the shampooing experience is to rinse out hair thoroughly prior to applying any shampoo. This is important because it will remove any dirt or dust and any other foreign matter that may be present in hair prior to shampooing. Once this step is accomplished it is then a matter of simply applying shampoo and massaging it into the scalp with the fingertips and working outward towards tips of the hair. As is always the case, rinsing and repeating this process is recommended.

Determine What Procedure Will Work Best

As an added note, those with dry brittle hair may choose to only lather and rinse once as a way to avoid drying hair further. A little known fact is that those with oily hair may even benefit from lathering and rinsing only once. This is simply due to the fact that those with oily hair may end up stimulating oil glands excessively making hair more oily over the long term. This is yet another case where trial and error will determine what procedure will work best. Finally, when using conditioner it is recommended to leave conditioner in for a few minutes prior to rinsing. Contact Great Waves Salon today for a Tucson hair salon that gets it right.

Written by rufinamo