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Most would agree that keeping hair looking great is one of the most important priorities when it comes to overall appearance. That said there are some smart and effective tips for keeping hair looking great year-round. For example, one of the best ways to handle wet hair is to simply squeeze dry rather than rubbing with a towel. In some instances it is even recommended to use paper towels to squeeze dry hair.

Effectively Clean The Scalp And Open Up Clogged Hair Follicles

Another key aspect of maintaining beautifully looking hair year-round is to always consider scalp health. In many instances shampoo and other cosmetics can build up over time on the scalp. Clogged hair follicles can cause hair related problems that should not be overlooked. In fact, clogged hair follicles can actually cause a reduction in hair growth. There are many products available today on the market that can effectively clean the scalp and open up clogged hair follicles. Consult with your hair care specialist to choose the right product.

Using A Water Filter In Your Shower System

Often overlooked yet equally important is the type of water that is being used to wash your hair. Many municipal water supplies contain large amounts of minerals and chemicals. Even rust in pipes can cause problems when it comes to maintaining beautiful hair. One option in this regard is to consider using a water filter in your shower system. Shower filters are inexpensive and easy to install. The benefit of using this type of device is that it can greatly improve overall hair care quality in a very short period of time.

A Healthy Diet Can Go A Long Way In Keeping Hair Looking Great

Finally, most experts would agree that it is always best to wash your hair before you color. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet can go a long way in keeping hair looking great at all times. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking ample amounts of water to stay hydrated can greatly improve hair quality. Avoiding processed foods, smoking and excessive amounts of sugar and starch can also help in improving the look of one’s hair. Contact Great Waves Salon today to learn more about a wide variety of hair care services in Tucson Arizona.

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