Us girls know that a good or bad day can be determined by how our hair looks. Are your curls refusing to do what they’re supposed to? Are they frizzy like an 80’s music video? Well, girlies, say goodbye to those bad hair days, and say hello to smooth, sexy curls!

Keep it Wet

Curly hair usually is dry but it looks better when it has some moisture in it. That is why you typically want a shampoo with sulfate. Us Girlies at Great Waves salon suggest Magnetics Color Extend line. It’s everything you love about the original product but now its sulfate free, so you look as cute as can be!

Brushing, Drying, and Maintenance

In order to keep those captivating curls looking smooth and sexy try running a narrow-toothed comb through your luscious locks. Wide tooth combs can lead to frizz, and us girls are just not in that biz. When it comes time to dry girls, use a microfiber towel to keep your hair smooth and clean. Don’t blot it out and make it look all frizzy. If you need to speed the process up, because you know us girls are always on the go, try using a blow dryer to get your day moving faster. And the last simple tip, which I’m sure your mother has told you, avoid touching your hair as much as possible. Twirling your luscious locks to get attention from that cute boy may be a fun for you, but it’s unfair to your hair!

Stay Fancy Sisters 

Using good hair care products is really important. If you start buying your shampoo at Walmart your hair will look like a rat’s nest. Ew! The right products could mean the difference between polished curls or ugly swirls. If you need help picking out the right product come on by the Great Waves Salon. We’d be happy to help.


Written by rufinamo