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So far, 2016 has been a pretty weird year for a number of reasons. Whether it be all of the tragic deaths of music artists or Apple releasing the iPhone 7 that lacked a headphone jack, so many things have changed. But some particularly bizarre things happened in the realm of nails! 2016 has proven itself to be the year of strange nail trends that most people never assumed to catch on. Here are some of the strangest things we’ve seen so far:

Bubble Nails

For whatever reason, buddle nails became an actual thing for a few weeks. Bubble nails were made from applying multiple layers of acrylic and gel powder to the nail, which made the nail look like a small hill, or large bubble. We don’t even know how people managed to get rid of their bubble nails, since there was just so much stuff sitting on the top of their nailbeds. But we can assume that it must have been a long, aggravating process.

Furry Nails

Even though everyone loves to wear faux fur when the weather begins to cool down, we don’t understand why people thought it would be a good idea to have faux fur on their fingers. After all, it wouldn’t be keeping the tips of your fingers warm anyway! And having to shower with furry nails? No thank you.

“Nasty” Nails

Doesn’t it get annoying when your nail polish begins to chip away? We think it does. And when that happens, you’ll usually just grab some nail polish remover and take it off, unless you come in for professional work! Basically, nasty nails look like the aftermath of removing polish. They have splotches that look like the polish was never fully taken off, where the majority of color is situated near your cuticles and the sides of your fingers.

While everyone is completely allowed to have their own opinions and preferences, we thought these were just a little too far off the mark.

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