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Keeping your nails well maintained is a never end job. Getting them looking fabulous is an entirely different conversation all together. Sure, your nails look amazing after you leave Great Waves. A manicure or a pedicure has that effect! However you want to keep your nails looking incredible 365 days a year. Regular manicures and pedicures are part of that, but there is plenty you can do to help in your day to day life as well.

Regular Clippings

Sure, long nails can look glamorous, but they are difficult to maintain and could actually cause major problems down the road! Suddenly breaking or fracturing your long nails could cause them to grow in improperly, even leading to ingrown nails! Keep your nails healthy and durable with regular clippings. Avoid the temptation to let them grow longer than the tops of your fingers or toes.

Soak and Moisturize

Salt water soaks are a great way to keep your toes and fingers clean. Unfortunately, hands and feet come in contact with a lot of undesirable things. No matter how hard you try to stay completely clean, it is impossible. A salt water soak can kill germs and fungus in addition to preventing infection. After soaking, apply an oil-based moisturizer that has been designed specifically for nail use.

Above and Beyond Standard Maintenance

If you really feel like treating yourself, if you just want to be a nail all-star, why not take your nail game to the next level. A glass nail file is a great investment. Not only will it never wear down, it will leave your nails feeling smoother and cleaner than ever before. What about your moisturizing game? We talking about moisturizing your nails, but you don’t have to stop there. We love using luxurious heel moisturizers when we really feel like pampering ourselves. Say goodbye to cracked, dry heels! Now they will be a thing of the past.

Written by rufinamo