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September is here which means Fall should be right around the corner. Should be. We’re hoping. As the seasons change so too should your hair care routine! Welcome back to the Great Waves blog where we dish all the tips to keep you looking lustrous every day. To help that we wanted to go over some of the hair care products you need to bring into your autumn routine!

Hair Care Products for Fall

Clear Your Hair with Clarifying Shampoo

The summer is full of activities as we jet to the beach, go out on lakes and all sorts of fun. That means sunblock, salt water, all sorts of other build-up. Get yourself a clarifying shampoo to clean up your scalp and get it back to a good foundation. Warning! Don’t use clarifying shampoo if you have colored hair, as it will strip the color! So be careful!


If you’re into keeping your hair big (and who doesn’t!) then you’ll want to scoop up some of this for the next few months. As humidity decreases in the fall and winter, hair tends to fall flat. Combat this with a volumizer to keep your hair looking great no matter the season.


As mentioned when it came to volumizer, the cold means dry and that can mean dry, itchy hair. To counterattack all the drying, itching, troubles add a hair mask or change up your standard shampoo and conditioners with more moisturizing ingredients like buriti and jojoba oil.

Au Naturale

Again, preventing drying is the name of the game. Use natural ingredients instead of alcohol or synthetic based materials in your hair products. Alcohol strips your hair of its natural oils. That’s no good!

With this change in regime, you hair should not just survive but flourish! Pair the new hair care products with other tricks like avoiding wool scarves (the friction can break down your hair) or wearing ‘protective’ hairstyles (anything that keeps the winds and/or cold air from whipping at your hair) your hair will be healthy and beautiful through the season.

Style Note: Going into fall you may want to take a look at your hair color. Summer means bright, and sunkissed locks, as all that time in the sun naturally lightens our hair. As the days get shorter our hair tends to darken. To beat nature to the punch why not go a few shades darker with a dye!

Regardless of how you change your regime or style your hair, we are here to help! Schedule an appointment with us today and together we will have your hair (-and eyebrows! -and nails! -and…) looking great year round.

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