Do you remember the longest time you went without washing your hair? Maybe it was three days? Or maybe it was an entire week? Either way, we have all gone at least some period of time where we neglected to wash our hair. And while we should not be washing it every day, as doing so actually strips your hair and scalp from natural, healthy oils, going without a wash for a while actually hurts, right? You will feel your scalp feel sore, and it might actually begin to ache.

But why does this happen? The reason behind why this happens is actually quite shocking.

In effect, when you do not wash your hair for an extended period of time, the natural oils on your scalp promote the excess growth of yeast on your scalp. Even though this sounds quite disturbing, it is not all that bad in reality. The kind of yeast that grows on your scalp is malassezia yeast, which is not the same kind of yeast as candida, which is associated with yeast infections in women.

Everyone on the planet actually has some amount of malassezia yeast on their bodies, as it is a naturally occurring yeast that lives on the surfaces of people’s skin. This is why when you neglect to wash your hair some an extended period of time, your scalp begins to hurt and itch. It is just your body’s natural way of reacting to the malassezia yeast overgrowth.

This type of yeast does not promote things like dandruff, but you can use dandruff products to wash your hair with whenever your scalp needs a thorough washing. You will not need to use these specific shampoos all of the time. Only use them if you have dandruff, or if you need to give your hair a thorough clean. Then, continue to wash with regular shampoo.

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