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We’d like to think that everyone who comes to get a manicure at Great Waves Salon absolutely loves the experience as well as their nails… actually, we are sure of it! But far too often do we receive phone calls, emails, and quick walk-in’s where our clients have asked to come back in because their nail polish has chipped and they need a touch up.

But did you know that it’s actually not the nail polish itself that is the reason that it might be chipping quicker than you initially thought? Seeing as we only use the best, professional polishes out there, the reason that your nail polish might be chipping so fast isn’t the polish, it’s you!

And we don’t mean that in any sort of rude way, and we aren’t blaming you! But we use our hands every day for a number of different tasks. Here are some of the ways you can keep your nail polish from chipping:

  • Open cans with spoons or can openers: Whenever you try and open something, you’ll be using your nails. Whether you had a professional manicure or just did your nails y yourself, keep your polish from chipping by opening things with something other than your fingers and nails.
  • Wash dishes with gloves: Whether you’re doing the dishes or just cleaning the house, be sure to protect your nail polish by wearing gloves while you clean.
  • Wash your hands with soap and avoid hand sanitizer: The bad thing about using hand sanitizer over soap is that it actually dries out your nails and can ruin the top coat of a fresh manicure. Mild soap is definitely preferred when it comes to cleaning your hands and fingers with nail polish on them!

While there are many more tips out there, these are some of the most useful.

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