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Tucson Hair Salons

The old adage that all men are created equal may hold weight in the Declaration of Independence but certainly not when it comes to hair salons. There is only one solution to hair in T-town, and it involves riding a great wave. The Great Waves hair salon offers nail and hair solutions, as well as pedicures for the people of Tucson.

Tucson Pedicures

The feet are the center of balance, and the axis of your chi. This is why Christian monks walk around barefoot for a majority of their lives. This is also why you should take great care of your feet. If you need pedicures in Tucson, then it seems that the Great Waves is your best option. Our team of highly skilled nail specialist uphold the highest level of care and customer service.

The Great Waves

Although Tucson is sandy, it has no water. Everyone who’s lived by the beach misses the soothing sounds of the waves. But that is not to say that Tucson is completely void of the ocean. Indeed, the waves will roll up and down your luscious mane, after we have a chance to take care of your hair.

Sure to Satisfy

Our secret sauce is that we treat every customer with the highest level of friendliness and care. We think of ourselves as more than just stylist, we are friends. Some say there’re only a few things you can really count on in this world. An old wife, a stack of cash, and your hair stylist. We are skeptical about the first two, but full convinced about the latter.