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Hair Salon Tucson

There’re only three things in this world you can count on: a loyal dog, a heap of money, and your hairstylist. Trust me, if you need a hair salon in Tucson you can trust, then the Great Waves salon in Tucson is the only option. Our team of highly qualified hair specialist will be surely satisfy your innermost hair style needs. So catch the wave sweeping through Tucson, let it transport your safely to shore.

Nail Salon Tucson, AZ

But Great Waves offers more than just wavy, silky smooth locks. It also doubles as a nail salon for the beloved citizens of Tucson, AZ. Our nail specialist offer pedicures and the finest, vibrant nail polish anyone can imagine. Also, our friendly nail specialists are handpicked for their outgoing, amicable personalities. Actually, our friendly customer service is our secret sauce that keeps customers coming back.

Tucson Massage

Bear with us for a moment. Imagine you’re on the beach, the sounds of the ocean are soothing, and so is the warm sun beating down upon your almost naked back. All of a sudden, you can hear the Great Waves. But these waves are not what you think. It is our masseuse gently running her hands up and down your body to the rhythm of the ocean, with hot oil and lotion. Indeed, Great Waves brings the sea to you.

The Great Waves

Indeed, the Great Waves is more than just a hair salon in Tucson, it is a respite from worry. A place to take care of your hair, nail, and massage needs. It is an escape from the monotony of daily life, and a place where you can experience peace amidst silky smooth hair.