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Getting a massage is a great way to treat yourself. There are several types of massages one may seek out, all using different methods to achieve different results. Many massages are sought after for relaxation, but others may be for treating pain or overall health improvement. You will always feel better after a massage, but to get best results it’s better if you pick the type of massage that best fits your needs. Here are a few to get started.

Hot Stone

A hot stone massage is for ultimate relaxation and stress relief. During this form of massage several heated stones will be weighted down along your spine. Then your masseuse will use them to perform the massage. The stones are “roller-ball” smooth and allow a different sensation along your body. The heat will also help to further relax any tension in your back and shoulders so they can be worked out more effectively.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages are often sought out by people who have common problem areas in their muscles. They work out tight knots that can sometimes leave you feeling sore. In order to get rid of the tight knots therapists will use their knuckles and elbows to massage out these knots as deeply as possible. Due to its intensity, it is definitely not for everyone, but you should always feel comfortable speaking up if something your masseuse is doing is really hurting you. Though it might be a bit painful, the results are pretty long lasting, and could help benefit athletes with injuries or other people with injuries undergoing physical therapy.


Thai massages are sometimes referred to as yoga for the lazy. Why is this? In a thai massage your masseuse manipulates your body by moving it into yoga-like stretches and positions. They use every part of their body to stretch and put pressure on muscles that need attention. It’s great for loosening joints, and this is also the type of massage where you could get walked on! It’s a perfect combination of energization and relaxation.

Written by rufinamo