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Vail Hair Salon

If you live in the obscure city of Vail in Tucson, AZ, rest assured that there are some nice waves nearby. Not the breakers of the ocean, those are a couple hundred miles away, we are talking about the Great Waves hair salon located near Vail. AZ. the Great Waves hair salon is far from limited to maintaining luscious locks. If you’re looking for a nail salon near Vail, AZ, then you only need to stop by the Great Waves to have all your personal needs pampered.

Nail Salon, Vail AZ

Our highly qualified team of nail experts suffer from finger nail OCD. In other words, they never blunder with the little brush in hand. The Great Waves Salon also offers quality pedicures and complete pampering packages. This includes waxing, facials, massages, and of course, hair styling.

Vail Massage

Now follow me for a second, you are on the beach and the sounds of the ocean’s heart beat are soothing your soul. The bright beaming sun is warmly caressing your bare back, as you fall into a deep respite of relaxation. You can hear and feel the Great Waves. But in reality, these waves are the gentle massage of our hands caressing your back with lotion and oil, to the rhythm of the ocean. Indeed, if you need a massage in vail, the Great Waves is the only place to escape.

Riding the Great Waves

In this world, there’re only a few things you can truly count on: a dog, a pile of money, and your hairstylist. If you are looking for a hair stylist in Vail, AZ then look no further than the Great Waves hair salon. Give us a call, or stop by the store today to meet with our team of highly qualified stylists.