1. Did you know that nail polish was being utilized as early as 3000 B.C. in China? Of course, it wasn’t like the conventional polish we know today. Instead it was made up of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes.

2. In Ancient Egypt people wore nail polish to signify their social class. Lower class people wore light or nude colors, while upper class and royalty wore bright bold colors, Most commonly, the color red.

3. Acrylic nails were actually invented by a dentist, and made available to the public in 1978.

4. There are currently thirteen types of polish finishes including: shimmer, micro-shimmer, micro-glitter, glitter, frost, lustre, crème, prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, iridescent, opalescent, matte, duo-chrome, and translucent.

5. Painting your nails on an airplane is strictly prohibited. One woman was arrested for applying polish during a flight before. It probably didn’t help that she used profound language and refused to stop.

6. Opened bottles of nail polish do not last forever. Once the seal is broken, and after about two years, certain ingredients in the polish will evaporate and change the chemical make up of the lacquer on hand.

7. A nail polish named Black Diamond King contains 267 carats of black diamonds. It runs at $250,000 for purchase.

8. You can find and buy nail polish in vending machines at malls and airports around the country.

9. Revlon was the first established nail polish company in 1932 after they released a cream colored lacquer.

10. Nail polish does not have to be exclusively used on your nails. Use it to fix a run in your tights, thread a needle easier, and much more!

Written by rufinamo