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When it comes to hair removal, and especially around the bikini line, most people have three options: shave it with a razor, wax it off, or get removed through laser hair removal treatments.

But what’s the difference between the last two? We’re sure you already know that shaving your bikini line with a razor is not advised- as it can lead to infection, razor burn, coarse hair growth, and many more uncomfortable and health related issues.

Here’s some information that will be useful in determine which hair removal route might work best for you…


Waxing has pretty much been around since the dawn of time. Ancient peoples were waxing for as long as history can recall! But waxing is a great option for many. First of all, when you get waxed, the entire hair follicle is being pulled out of your skin. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to painful, annoying ingrown hairs. However, it is advised for those who wax to exfoliate their skin before getting waxed, so that the surface is clean and free of lingering dead skin cells. This can also help to lower the chance of having ingrown hairs from your wax. Depending on how fast your hair grows, bikini waxes can last as short as 3 weeks to as long as 8 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal:

This option is without a doubt the most expensive of the three, but will also last the longest. Why? When you get laser hair removal treatments, the laser actually the hair cells where your hair grows. Laser hair removal is done in a number of different sessions, with a few weeks in between each session. Even though you won’t have to go in to get laser hair removal treatments for the rest of your life since the hair is killed, some hair will grow back – but this is all dependent on how your hair grows, as well as the pigment of your skin.

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