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Whenever you’re at the store, you’ll most likely pass through the nail polish isle. For the most part, the bottles never really exceed the $10 mark. While there are some brands that you can buy at particular beauty stores that might hit $20, you’ll never find something at a shocking price. However, there have been bottles of nail polish that are sold at absolutely ridiculous prices! And if you’re wondering what those are, here are a few:

  • Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish, $250,000: Yes, you read that price correctly! Each bottle of polish has an entire 267 carats worth of black diamonds. Meaning that yes, you’ll get what you pay for. Azature does sell a less expensive version of this polish for $25 in department stores. Just don’t expect you’ll find any black diamond bits!
  • Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish by Models Own, $130,000: Losing its place as the most expensive polish in the world, Gold Rush Couture boasts an impressive solid gold lid, while encrusted with over 1,000 diamonds.
  • I Do Nail Polish by Elle Cosmetics, $55,000: Back in 2005 at a show in Las Vegas, Elle Cosmetics unveiled this expensive polish that is made entirely of powdered platinum. They also created a more “affordable” version of the polish, priced at $250.
  • Iced Manicure by Cherish, $51,000: If you love to get your nails done, a manicure with Cherish Angual will cost you over 50 grand. She uses real diamonds on her clients, and her studio takes care of additional maintenance and removal of the diamonds.
  • An Evening to Remember Nail Polish by Red Carpet Manicure, $1,000: This special LED gel formula won’t chip peel for up to week after its application. It is said that the polish is actually infused with elements belonging to black diamonds, which is why the polish is said to have an almost holographic effect of shimmering more than one color. This polish is regularly sported by many celebrities.
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